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We are compliance geeks and we believe that, done right, compliance can help a business flourish in a sustainable manner.

A shoulder to lean on

We know compliance.

Shoulder Compliance is a leading consulting firm in the Maltese anti-financial crime sphere. 

Our team is young, diverse, energetic, and highly experienced in a variety of roles and industry sectors. 

Our financial crime compliance expertise covers money laundering, terrorist finance, sanctions, market abuse and fraud. Our regulatory compliance expertise covers conduct of business, authorisations, outsourcing and various other matters.

Shoulder Compliance helps customers safeguard their business and reputation whilst keeping commercial effectiveness and practicality well in focus.

We shoulder the burden

At Shoulder Compliance we assist businesses to create and maintain robust compliance programmes that reliably detect, prevent and mitigate financial crime risks.

Our years of broad experience provide us deep anti-financial crime insight, combining strong knowledge of the relevant rulebooks with a solid understanding of operational and technical realities across many industries. 

The hands-on familiarity we have with the internal operations of various industries and sectors, coupled with our robust knowledge of financial crime threats, empower us to guide our customers in identifying and shoring up any weaknesses in their compliance programmes.

Shoulder Team

Our team has both in-house as well as external consulting experience, and brings all of that insight to serve the interest of our diverse clientele.

Charles Cassar

Founder and Director

Charles Cassar is the founder of Shoulder Compliance, and broadly recognized as one of the leading consultants in the Maltese anti-financial crime sphere. Charles brings to customers broad anti-financial crime insight and expertise which he developed over many years in external and in-house legal counsel and compliance positions. Charles is well known for his approach to anti-financial crime and compliance consultancy, which combines strong knowledge of the relevant rulebooks with a good understanding of operational and technical realities across a number of industries. Charles’ previous experience includes leading the compliance function of a European Systematically Important Institution, heading the compliance and legal departments of a fintech bank, and many years of experience as a commercial lawyer acting as external counsel on a large number of transaction.
Outside of Shoulder Compliance, Charles loves to spend time with his family, play the electric bass, read a good book, and getting stuck into long winded arguments over pretty much anything.

Therese Azzopardi

AML Consultant

Before joining Shoulder Compliance Therese worked for a number of years at a Systemically Important Bank, in various first line and second line functions, gaining hands-on experience with respect to anti-financial crime testing, remediation and advisory projects. Therese holds a Compliance in Financial Services and AMLRO Professional Diploma.
In her free time, Therese likes to get swept in another universe when reading a good book, obviously outside office hours and most importantly, when the kids are finally tucked in bed.

Bjorn Pace

Senior Consultant – Compliance

Bjorn is a lawyer with many years experience in the financial services industry, including experience in securities and markets, corporate governance, compliance and anti-money-laundering, and also in European law. Throughout his professional career, Bjorn has worked both in the private sector, with a reputable regulatory advisory firm, and also in the public sector, with the sole Maltese financial services regulator, where his tasks included the review and processing of regulatory licence applications. Following his time with the Malta Financial Services Authority, he re-joined the private sector as a Corporate Services Manager with a Maltese Corporate Services Provider, where he progressed through the ranks and was appointed as director and MLRO of the same company. Following a 3-year stint, Bjorn joined Shoulder Compliance as Senior Consultant on regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering. Bjorn also holds a number of positions on regulated entities.
In his free time, Bjorn enjoys travelling, spending time with his family, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Angelo Jansen

Senior AML Consultant

Angelo is a Senior AML consultant at Shoulder Compliance. Angelo brings to the table insight and expertise developed over 8 years working for a large accountancy firm servicing numerous financial institutions across Malta and the UK. His professional experience includes performing testing exercises on a wide variety of market players, leading large scale remediation projects, performing extensive enhanced due diligence exercises, and consulting on various anti-financial crime issues. Angelo holds an advanced certificate and an international diploma in AML, Financial Crime and compliance, from the International Compliance Association (ICA). He is an avid runner completing the 2022 comrades Marathon, loves Disney films and a cold beer in the sun when not working.

Roberta Avellino Pule’

Senior Anti-Financial Crime & Compliance Consultant

Roberta is an experienced lawyer and researcher with years of professional experience in the public sector as well as the private sector focusing on public international law, international human rights law, and anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism. Her professional experience comprises working with the Government of Malta within the educational and social policy spheres, the University of Malta, and the U.S. Embassy in Malta. Roberta regularly serves as an examiner and research supervisor in Public Law and International Law within the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta. When she is not working, Roberta enjoys reading, watching movies, and musical theatre.

Shoulder facts & figures


The A1-Team

Everyone in the Shoulder team is either highly experienced or very well reputed in the AML and KYC industry, but probably both.

Years in Operation

We’ve been around

Shoulder may not be that old, but combine our team’s experience into years, and it totals more decades than we care to admit.


Only compliance

We don’t do a bit of compliance, some tax planning, and a little corporate work too. Our focus is singular and whole.

Our Services

Compliance Consultancy

Enhanced Due Diligence

Shoulder Guard


3 steps to get started

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Schedule a no-obligation call with us. We’ll get to know each other, and figure out how we can best enhance your compliance capabilities.

Finding a solution

We’ll provide a tailored solution to your requirements, as well as a fair pricing structure that reflects the volume and complexity of your needs.

Compliance achieved!

You can now focus on running your business, because we’re here to make sure your compliance gets done, and gets done right.

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