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We are compliance geeks and we believe that, done right, compliance can help a business flourish in a sustainable manner.


Shoulder Compliance aims to be something more than a regular consulting firm. We cultivated our anti-financial crime expertise because we want to play a part in defending our communities against the corrosive effects of dirty money. We want to be a force for good in our community. For this reason, when we’re not helping businesses protect themselves from financial crime risk, we dedicate time and effort to other socially useful endeavours. On this page we outline some of the ways in which we try to contribute to our community beyond our day to day work.

Jacob’s Brew Café

In March 2022 we made a contribution to Jacob’s Brew Café. This coffee shops donates a percentage of its revenue to its very own NGO, Survivors Malta, whereby funds collected are used to initiate projects to help families facing trauma.

These projects include ‘Jacob’s Coffee Run’, which delivers free sandwiches and coffees to families in the ITU waiting area at Mater Dei Hospital, and the ‘Reunited Pet Cabin’, a designated room built on the grounds of the hospital where pet visitation and pet therapy are made possible. Jacob’s Brew also encourages and assists community projects, such as Craft & Coffee For Charity, where donated wool is crafted into crocheted or knitted items to be given away to chosen causes, thus bringing joy to the homeless, the needy, and the sick alike. The café houses The Tessie Montebello Book Club, where books can be borrowed, swapped, and donated by loyal customers.

At Shoulder Compliance we admire the spirit and values of this enterprise, and encourage everyone to support their worthy projects.

Rock for Richmond 2022

In August of 2022 we sponsored “Rock for Richmond”. Rock for Richmond is an annual charity concern where proceeds go to the Richmond Foundation. The Richmond Foundation is a leading NGO focusing on the provision of community services for people with mental health problems. The Foundation is at the forefront of the promotion of good mental health and the prevention of mental illness amongst the public. Every year hundreds of people make use of the services of the Foundation.

At Shoulder Compliance we are big supporters of Rock for Richmond, which brings together our passion for good music with our commitment to helping our community.

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