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Empower yourself and your team with the skills and knowledge you require in order to get your compliance done.

Service Features


Through our training we impart our experience and insight to help you bridge the gap between academia and the real world of business.


We don’t read from the slide deck. Instead, we engage our trainees with discussions, case studies, and learning experiences derived from our in-house and consulting experience.


We provide training that is contextualised to the realities of the Maltese market, giving you the benefit of our deep understanding of local nuances.

Compliance is mission critical

We know that your day-to-day work requires you to implement complex and sometimes ambiguous legal concepts into practical decision-making processes.

The worlds of compliance and anti-financial crime are increasingly complex and specialized. Staff cannot simply be expected to “learn as they go along” and succeed. You need to make sure that you and your team have all the right skills and knowledge required in order to take complex real world decisions while safeguarding your business and reputation.

Our training will help your team gain a real world understanding of financial crime risk and how to manage it in an effective and compliant manner. They will learn how to deal with complex situations, manage risk intelligently, and escalate matters where necessary.

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Learn How To Deliver An Effective Compliance Programme

We will show you and your team how to handle some of the more complex aspects of anti-financial crime compliance.

Whether you are looking to perform source of wealth analysis, understand complex corporate structures, or implement name screening systems, we’ll give you both the academic background as well as the practical insight to deliver effectively.

We can provide training at all levels of your organisation, from operational teams where we focus on day to day practicalities, to board level leadership where we provide strategic insight.

Our trainees always give us great reviews, saying that our training is both useful as well as fun (really!)

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3 steps to get started

Let’s talk!

Let’s talk! Schedule a no-obligation call with us. We’ll analyze your challenges and understand the requirements of your business.

Training Design

We’ll put together a training programme that comprehensively addresses the needs of your organisation.

Level Up

You and your team will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver an effective compliance programme.

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Due Diligence


Power your protection with Shoulder Guard

If you’re looking to protect your business and reputation from compliance and financial crime risk, get in touch!

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