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Shoulder Guard helps you and your team focus on what you do best, run your business, while we make sure all the compliance stuff is getting done!

Service Features


Shoulder Guard ensures that ALL your AML compliance requirements are handled in a good and timely manner.


Shoulder Guard is built with the specific needs of Maltese subject persons in mind.

Expert Support

You will benefit from the support of a team of experienced AML compliance professionals.

No more audit nightmares

A poorly managed AML compliance programme can be a serious drain on your resources, bogging you down in unnecessary red tape while exposing you to regulatory and reputational risk.

Shoulder Guard takes a weight of compliance off your shoulders, ensuring that your compliance requirements are handled professionally while you focus on your business.

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Over a decade’s experience in Enhanced Due Diligence

Shoulder Guard is unique because it combines a full scope AML software solution with servicing and support by a team of experienced professionals. You bring in the customer, and we make sure all due diligence is in place at onboarding and on an ongoing basis.

We effectively act as your compliance department, providing you with all the tools, expertise and resources you need to get your AML compliance done.

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3 steps to get started

Let’s talk!

Schedule a no-obligation call with us. We’ll get to know each other, and figure out how we can best enhance your compliance capabilities.

Finding a solution

We’ll provide a tailored solution to your requirements, as well as a fair pricing structure that reflects the volume and complexity of your needs.

Compliance achieved!

You can now focus on running your business, because we’re here to make sure your compliance gets done, and gets done right.

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Due Diligence


Helping you shoulder the compliance burden

If you’re looking to take a weight off your shoulder and get your AML Compliance DONE, get in touch!

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