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Get your compliance DONE

We protect you from financial crime and regulatory risk, letting you focus on getting your business done.

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Benefits of working with Shoulder

Compliance Expertise

Our team of professionals bring years of specialist compliance and anti-financial crime experience to the table

Operational Insight

We help you deal with the operational challenges that regulatory complexity can give rise to

Technological Capabilities

Power up your compliance programme with our suite of screening, investigation and customer management technologies

Peace of Mind

We protect you from compliance and financial crime risk, so you can focus on running your business

Our Services


With our in-depth knowledge. we can protect your business and reputation against financial crime and regulatory compliance risk.

Shoulder Guard

This web app ensures that your compliance requirements are handled professionally while you focus on your business.

Due Diligence

Benefit from both our suite of investigative tools, as well as the expertise and experience of our compliance team.


Empower yourself and your team with training that gives you the skills and knowledge you need to get your compliance done.


Don’t leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber attacks. Partner with Shoulder Cybersecurity today and safeguard your future.

About Shoulder

Shoulder Compliance is a leading consulting firm in the Maltese anti-financial crime sphere.

Our team is young, diverse, energetic, and highly experienced in a variety of roles and industry sectors.

Our years of broad experience provide us deep anti-financial crime insight, combining strong knowledge of the relevant rulebooks with a solid understanding of operational and technical realities across many industries.

More about us

Why comply

We are compliance geeks and we believe that, done right, compliance can help a business flourish in a sustainable manner.

Our team has both in-house as well as external consulting experience, and brings all of that insight to serve the interest of our diverse clientele.

Our services

3 steps to get started

Let’s talk!

Schedule a no-obligation call with us. We’ll get to know each other, and figure out how we can best enhance your compliance capabilities.

Finding a solution

We’ll provide a tailored solution to your requirements, as well as a fair pricing structure that reflects the volume and complexity of your needs.

Compliance achieved!

You can now focus on running your business, because we’re here to make sure your compliance gets done, and gets done right.

Power your protection with Shoulder Guard

If you’re looking to protect your business and reputation from compliance and financial crime risk, get in touch!

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